Transplant Team of Connecticut, Inc.



Transplant Team of Connecticut, Inc. is a group of more than 50 transplant recipients, living donors, donor families, caregivers, family, friends and professionals who are all connected to organ and tissue donation.  Transplant Team of Connecticut, Inc. has three main programs, the Awareness Program, the Give Back Program and the Showcase Program.  We educate the public about organ, eye and tissue donation, we give back to those that need our help during their own journey in the donation and transplantation world and we showcase to the world that donation and transplantation works.

Through our Awareness Program, we participate in various events throughout the year, inspiring and empowering those to spread the word about giving the gift of life. One of the greatest gifts donor families can receive is to see recipients living a full and healthy life.  Recipients honor their donors, donor families or living donors by promoting the success of transplantation through health and fitness.

New to our team is our Give-Back Program.  This program allows us to help those in the transplant world that could benefit from our assistance.  It ranges from our supporting other transplant related organizations such as Donate Life, New England Organ Bank, LifeChoice Services, Yale New-Haven Hospital Transplantation Department, Hartford Hospital Transplant Department, CT Dialysis Centers, or to just speak with someone that is going through what we have gone through. 

Our Showcase Program allows us to represent Connecticut at the U.S. Transplant Games every other year somewhere in the US.  We gather with over 5,000 other people from every state in our country to showcase how well donation and transplantation works.  It’s about being part of a wonderful close knit group of people who truly understand the meaning of Donate Life; who are there to support each other in times of sadness and times of celebration.  Our donor families and living donors are very special to us. Without their decision to save another’s life, none of this would be possible. We welcome and encourage donor families and living donors to be a part of our team. 

Transplant Team of Connecticut, Inc. is excited to be able to be part of something larger.  Our recipient members range from double lung to multiple organ transplant recipients.  Our care-givers went through a lot of anguish with their loved ones and are stronger for it.  Our donor families gave the most precious of gifts while they were going through the worst of times.  Because of the generosity of our donors, we are in a place to give back.